Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Library of Nearly Lost Moments

This week I have been assisting with the installation of an exhibition at the State Library of Western Australia.

The exhibition is titled "The Library of Nearly Lost Moments" and the main focus of the exhibition is a collection of ephemera which was housed in the Library's archives and which gives us a glimpse into moments from the past.

I felt very privileged to have been asked to participate and it was a terrific experience seeing it all come together over a few days.

I took some pictures which will give you a sense of the exhibition, although I was not able to photograph any of the main ephemera as they are all housed in glass cabinets and there was too much reflection.

Especially exciting for me is the fact that the Library asked to borrow 5 of my Cabinets of Curiosity to include in the display. They are standing on customised suspended shelving but, as they are facing outwards towards the glass, are almost impossible to photograph well.

Many thanks to Doug, Adam, Rob, Kate, Emily, Anne and little Annie for all their help and support (yesterday in particular). I really enjoyed being a temporary part of "the team".

The exhibition is on the ground floor of the State Library, Perth Cultural Centre, and runs until 6 February 2011.

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  1. Lovely to see an original Apple Mac in exhibition > I now realise I have owned more computers than cars!