Sunday, August 1, 2010

Surprise Visitor

A few months ago we had a surprise visitor one Sunday afternoon. I was in the house but I had all the windows open because it was a lovely sunny day. I heard a noise coming from outside which sounded like a man talking and I thought perhaps someone was at our gate so I poked my head out the front door. There was no-one at the gate, but to my enormous surprise there was a magnificent sulphur crested cockatoo sitting in the front porch chatting away to himself.

He was very tame and had quite a good vocabulary but there was no sign of an owner anywhere so we kept him overnight and brought him to our local vet the next morning. Within minutes the owner had turned up and Salty was reunited with him. It seems that a noisy lawnmower had startled him and he just took off! He really was a magnificent bird, obviously very well cared for, and we felt privileged to have spent some time in his company.

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