Monday, April 1, 2013

An Easter full of Curiosities

Maybe it was the full moon, or maybe it was just because, but we had an Easter weekend full of curious sightings.

We set off at 5am to try and miss the traffic.  The early morning mist gave the rising sun an eerie glow.

The Sculptures by the Harbour exhibition  was well worth a visit.  The name is a little misleading as the sculptures are actually in the harbour just in front of the Albany Exhibition Centre.

On the Saturday night we ate outside using a cooking technique that a family friend had seen on a recent trip to China.  You cut sections of green bamboo and fill the hollow centres with a combination of finely chopped meat, rice, vegetable and spices, you then plug the hole (we used carrots) and put the bamboos into an open fire, turning them over at regular intervals.  When they start to sizzle and/or the carrot shoots out you know they are ready.  Then comes the tricky bit - you have to split the bamboo open without losing the contents.  This is where a very very sharp knife (or machete) comes in handy.

We were observed closely by the resident frog and skink.

Then just when we were having a quiet coffee by the beach the next morning, and things seemed quite normal .....

along comes a local with his friend to get a takeaway coffee!

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