Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Op Shop Finds - what they turned into - Part 1

I said I would show you what I did with my op shop finds from last week, so here we go.

With one of the old books I made a paper sculpture and I took pictures as I went along so that I could show you how I did it.

Starting with the first page of the book, I folded the top of the page down, and then the bottom of the page up, so that the page turned into a triangle shape.  I then continued on until all the pages of the book were folded and it looked like the picture above.

With a sharp Stanley knife I then carefully removed the cover.

From the discarded cover I cut two small circles (about the size of a 10 cent coin) and punched a hole in the centre of each.

I stuck one of the card circles to the bottom of the paper shape (using a good craft glue) and then threaded some sturdy cord through the circle and through the centre of the paper shape.

Then I threaded the cord through the other circle and stuck the circle to the top of the shape (sticking the circles means that the shape hangs nice and straight and the paper doesn't rip).

And there it is!

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