Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mystery Rose

When we first moved into our house ten years ago it had been empty for over a year and the garden was completely overgrown. Bit by bit we reclaimed, replanted and re-organised it. There was one corner that remained elusive as it was difficult to get at due to a large grevillea that was growing there.
Last year during one of the big storms the grevillea simply snapped under its own weight and that was its undoing.
Somehow, underneath it a lonely rose bush had managed to survive. I have no idea what kind it is as I know absolutely nothing about roses. Any that I have ever planted have failed miserably.
This mystery rose, which had a magnificent scent, has thrived now that it has more sunlight. It flowers abundantly and appears immune to aphids, blackspot, yellowing leaves and all the other usual rose hazards. I am in awe of its abilty to survive against all the odds and to be so perfect.
If only we could all be like that too!

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